The TSA Security Plan

All of us who have flown in the past 14 years have had to deal with TSA checkpoints.  On the whole, I think most of the agents in airports take their jobs seriously and try to do the best they can. However, I have said many times, they are hamstrung by a bloated bureaucracy that just doesn’t get it.

Under their current regulations and procedures, TSA is very good at making sure people don’t take pocket knives, cigarette lighters and too much hair gel or mouthwash on a flight. Apparently their plan when someone actually shows up with weapons and bombs is not so well thought out. A case in point was this weekend when a man with a machette and a backpack full of Molotov cocktails charged the check point on Concourse B in the New Orleans Airport.  Apparently, the TSA agents did the best they could and fortunately the guy, literally, ran head long into a Jefferson Parish sheriff’s deputy, who was armed with a loaded gun and knew how to use it.  On the other hand, TSA’s plan to defend a concourse full of innocent people in an actual attack was less perfect. You can see my take on it here.

My take on all this

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