Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog.  Writing my own blog is something I have considered doing for some time now.  I like to write and have been told I am pretty good at it.  In a sense, I am a professional writer, since much of my work time involves written communication. But, nobody wants to read that.  I like to think that one day I will try my hand at writing the Great American Novel.  But in the meantime, I have a day job, so blogging will have to do

My inspiration for starting this is my high school friend, Sharon King. Sharon writes a delightful blog call Midlife Moments.  You can find it here: http://midlifemoments.me  I love reading what is on her mind.  Her writing can be powerful, insightful and witty.  It has made me laugh out loud and cry unashamedly. She even let me do a guest blog for her one time.  When I did, I thought “this could be fun.”  I also thought, if she can do this, so can I!  😉

Sharon focuses on her trials and triumphs as a single, middle aged woman in today’s world. Well, I don’t know much about that kind of thing, so I guess I’ll just have to write about what I know. By now, you may be asking yourself “just what is that?”  Good question. When I figure it out, I will let you know. In the meantime, I can tell you about who I am and maybe that will give you some clues about what I may write about.

I am a 50something white guy.  I am a husband to the same wonderful girl I married 31 years ago.   I am a father.  I have three sons who are grown and on their own.  I am self employed and have been most of my adult life.  I am no George Clooney, but I have been told I have the body of a god. Unfortunately people mean Buddha when they tell me that.  But, I am used to that.

I am an American. I was blessed enough to have been born in the greatest country on earth. Sorry, but I don’t apologize for that.  I am a patriot.  I love my country, but don’t trust my government. I am among the youngest of the true Baby Boomers.   I am a Southerner.  I was born and raised the Deep South back when that really meant something about who you were.  I have a sign that hangs on the wall in my office that says “American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.”  I believe that. Really.   I am a gun owner and an NRA member.  I am not a right wing nut job, but I also know that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t have a thing to do with hunting.

I am a sinner, but that’s okay, because I am washed in the blood of the Lamb.  I was raised a hard shell, foot washing Southern Baptist.  I still am, although I might not be as devout as my Momma and Daddy would have hoped I would be a this point in my life.   I spent most of my life believing I was a Republican, but have come to the conclusion that these days I am really more of a conservative libertarian.  My first political hero was Ronald Reagan.  My current once are Herman Cain, Rand Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano.

I like movies.  Particularly anything about World War II or anything with John Wayne.  I have varied tastes in music, so I am good with both country and western.  I would much rather listen to Hank Williams, Patsy Cline or Willie Nelson over Billy Joel or Taylor Swift and don’t even get me started on Justin Bieber.  I am told I am funny and make friends easily, but my best friend is the same guy it was when I was in second grade.  That’s just how we roll.  I love to eat and I love to cook.  But if you want to know about my cooking, don’t expect anything light and fruity or healthy and delicious.  When I cook the food is brown hot and there is plenty of it, usually involving, or served over, rice.

I decided to call this Blog Advice from an Old Grouch.  I am open minded and more or less respectful of other people’s views.  However, I have reached that stage in life when you realize you don’t have enough years left to put up with stupid anymore.  Most of this blog will be about my take on life and the world we live in today.  I will occasionally write about political issue that get me stirred up.  If you agree with me that is fine.  If not, we can agree to agree that you are an idiot,  but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends.

So, I hope you decide to share this ride with me.  I have no idea where it is going to take us!



9 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog

  1. I LOVE IT! I love the theme you chose and the idea. You’ll have a great following, and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Over time you will find your voice. I think of my blog as my writing playground. If I don’t like something, I can always pull it down or edit it later. I never knew there was a whole community of bloggers out there. I’ve made friends with other bloggers, and they are really cool communicative people. Thanks for the ‘pingback’, too. That’s blogese for linking back to my blog. I suggest that you add the widget where people can follow you via email. A lot of people prefer to get the post in their email where they won’t ever miss it. Facebook is hit or miss on whether or not people see it.

    Welcome to the Blogosphere, Robbie! We’ve been waiting for you!

  2. Sylvia Campbell says:

    This is certainly well done, Rob. Glad your friend inspired and urged to you write. Your presentation is attractive, informative and enjoyable. Thank you for the invitation – looking forward to the “next addition!”

  3. Ellen Chauvin says:

    Great start Robbie! I have tried the old fashion journal and now have several bits and pieces hiding around the house. Running across them periodically bring a bit of shame that I’ve never followed through. Happy writing!

  4. Pamela Faber says:

    A good start Robbie. Look forward to reading more. It is interesting to me that we grew up in the same household, have the same basic interests, but such a different perspective on some things. Perhaps it is the decade + difference in our ages? Who knows? I promise not to call you an idiot if you promise not to call me one. Remember I am older, therefore, wiser! Love you little brother.

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